laser technology 1

 Huaxu Laser Equipment Co. Ltd provides a wide variety of laser marking products, ranging from fiber laser, solid state laser(includes UV light laser, green ray laser and infrared ray laser) to CO2 laser. With latest software and controller, the laser marking products can offer the prime solution in the application of various industries.


With the popularity of fiber laser, DATALOGIC has invested actively in this technology, and now we are able to provide a complete rage of fiber laser equipment system. Additionally, our laser technology aims to meet users’ requirements for higher speed, better quality and greater economic benefits in application.


A series of products of our company offer the most suitable choice for users through single operating software with high flexible controllers and multiple input/output interfaces.


Excellent planning of product portfolios,compact design of products and highly-efficient controlling systems are all integrated into fiber laser technology products(pulse and adjustable pulse width) and solid state laser products(IR, GREEN & UV), which distinguishes our company from others.